Get An SEO Audits

Green-Medias offers a few different types of SEO Audits. The SEO Audits allow us to quickly determine any deficiencies and barriers to local and organic ranking.

Your On-Page SEO Audit

We will complete an ‘’onboarding’’ or On-page audit for every SEO needs. The audit includes an in-depth analysis of On-page SEO Factors. We then provide each Client with a checklist of items to be remedied based on priority.

These improvements are essential and must be implemented. From time to time we find significant barriers to ranking, when this is the case, a deep and more comprehensive SEO Audit may be recommended, including a technical SEO Audit.

On-boarding Audits are generally completed within two weeks. A comprehensive audit can take six to ten weeks.

Search Engine Penalty Audits

Our Penalty Audit provides an in-depth look at why a website violates Googles Terms of Service. Google penalties are generally the result of a Manual Action or Google’s Panda, Penguin, or other algorithm updates.

Having Questions about our SEO Audit Services, Do not hesitate to contact us.