Why Landing Pages Creation?

Landing Page Creation is must for today’s marketers. Would you open a car dealership without salespeople to sell the cars? It is like saying our accountant and the mechanics are good workers, so they can greet the new customers and sell cars, We don’t think so!

You must have salespeople! Even if your dealership were packed, you wouldn’t have the proper tools to convert sales. Well, the same applies to your site, Landing pages are virtual salespeople. In fact, landing pages are salespeople that never sleep, never get sick, or never say no! They are always ready to do their job, convert and close!

What Should Landing Pages Look Like?

Your Visual appearance and functionality must captivate your visitor’s interest within the first 3 seconds. Some refer to it as the Blink Rule, meaning the visitor decides within a blink whether they will submit their info or not. Remember, landing pages are there to extract the visitor’s contact info and measure which stage of the buying cycle they are at.

Make your landing pages stunning and simple, concentrate on making your submit form your focal point accented by some text and your visual design.

How Do They Land On My Squeeze Page (Landing Pages)?

This is definitely not a (build it and they will come) type of situation!

In fact, having landing pages without any means of getting traffic to them is kind of like having a house warming party, but no one shows up because you forgot to send the invitations!

Your landing page is the closer; your site and network are the way you will get traffic to those landing pages. So make sure that you drive traffic and convert visitors with your content and proper utilization of call-to-action. Your landing pages will then get the chance to perform.

A/B Testing Is Crucial When Developing Landing Pages.

Without testing, it rather makes it hard to improve. Constant a/b testing must be implemented to measure performance. Testing different variations of a landing page will bring you to an understanding of what your customers want.

Thank You Pages Are A Must!

Once your visitor has submitted their info on your landing pages, a Thank You page will leave a good taste in their mouth and hopefully motivate them to be promoters of your product.

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