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Effective Email-Marketing

Many people misunderstand the art of email marketing. Email marketing is still known as the most lucrative of all marketing practices. Yet email marketing today must be performed with flare. The days of mass email marketing and blindly pushing your product or service are over.

As consumers we have built up a determined defense to all types of solicitation, whether it’s a pushy email or a TV commercial, we have developed a way to easily and defensively ignore it. This defense was developed to fend off the seemingly endless unwanted solicitations we receive every day.

Effective email marketing must be performed with a more personal and engaging approach.

Drive Sales With Email-Marketing

Your Email Marketing list must be categorized according to different types of customers. Each customer is a human with different and specific needs and wants.

Once you segment these contacts according to what they need, it will allow you to send the proper email to the proper contact.

Personalizing your email to a certain group of contacts will allow you to give that contact what they are looking for rather than just annoying that person. Also, the more personalized the email, the higher your open rate will reflect.

A/B Testing

By segregating our contacts we can Directly Market to specific groups of people. It is just a matter of simply grouping contacts by collected knowledge to leverage the chance of the sale. By knowing which group you are Marketing to, allows you to relate to that contact on a much more personal level.

Only at this point will you witness a successful Email Marketing Strategy. The success of your Email Marketing campaigns will reflect on the a/b testing performed on your email variations.

The more you test your email Marketing Campaigns the better your results will be. So please try not to forget when creating your email campaigns, that you are an Inbound Marketer.

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