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For businesses embracing Online Marketing for the first time, PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising is often the starting point or “low hanging fruit” of an Online Marketing Strategy.

This is because PPC provides businesses with an opportunity to “get in the market” and gain visibility, almost instantly. By positioning carefully crafted advertisements in front of consumers searching online for your products and services, we can drive an enormous amount of prospects to your website. For businesses with a mature Online Marketing strategy, Pay-Per-Click is one of many staples and a cost-effective way to drive website traffic and build brand awareness.

Benefits of ppc Advertising

Paid Search Advertising is Trackable & Measurable

As with other Online Marketing Strategies, Paid Search is trackable & Measurable. Green Medias can track form submissions, phone leads, live chat engagements and more. This allows us to have discussions with our clients about ROI. Our reporting includes data on cost-per-click, cost-per-lead and even cost-per-sale, month over month, and more. Our monthly reporting enables you to make campaign adjustments and sound online marketing decisions.

Display Advertising – Google Display Network

The Google Display Network is a collection of 2 million+ websites that offer Display Advertising opportunities. The GDN allows you to position your brand in front of a select audience, by serving up display ads against contextually relevant content. Websites that are part of the Google Display Network include Metroland Digital, Post Media, Globe Media, Sun Media, TorStar, Rogers Media, La Presse, Linkedin, Google Finance, Gmail, CFO, YouTube, and many more. Display Advertising allows you to associate your brand with relevant content, increase your online authority, and get in front of your customers researching your products or services.

Remarketing on the Google Display Network (GDN)

Remarketing on the GDN allows you position contextual and display ads in front of consumers who have previously visited your website. Cost-effective and subtle, remarketing is a reminder to the consumer that they have an interest in your products and services.

If you’re curious as to how remarketing works, it’s rather simple. A snippet of code or a ”cookie” is dropped into the web browser of a site visitor, as they surf the internet, we provide them with a gentle reminder of your products and services. Like Google ads & PPC, you have control over reach and frequency.

PPC Advertising Company

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