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Our SEO Agency loves Organic and Local SEO because it is the single most cost-effective (ROI) way of driving traffic to your website. The fact is most clicks (65% to 75% – based on industry) on Google and other search engines, occur in the Organic & Local search results (non-paid advertising). Additionally, Conversions (clicks to leads) are significantly higher via Organic & Local SEO because of the correlation between high ranking and TRUST!

Our Experts SEO Analysis Delivers!

SEO is a Search Engine Marketing discipline that increases visibility in Local & Organic (non-paid search) in the Search Engine Results Page or SERP’s. SEO encompasses both On-page & Off-page elements. Combined, these elements determine and improve rankings, drive more website traffic, and generate more leads.

SEO Company & Digital Marketing Services

SEO Audit

Green Media's offers a few different types of SEO Audits. The SEO Audits allow us to quickly determine any deficiencies and barriers to local and organic ranking.

On-Page SEO

Without effective On-page SEO, a website cannot rank for highly relevant and revenue-driving keywords.

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO which determines a website’s trustworthiness and authority is the determining ranking factor or CORE of Google’s Algorithm.

Local SEO

Local SEO is the process of increasing a website’s visibility for Local & Mobile search. The number of searches on a mobile device or tablet, now exceed both desktop and laptop searches.

Google Ads

For businesses with a mature Online Marketing strategy, Pay-Per-Click is one of many staples and a cost-effective way to drive website traffic and build brand awareness.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is often misconstrued as a place to advertise your product or service. If that were the case, they would have named it business media or advertisement media.

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Full Suite of SEO Services

Search Engine Marketing and other Online Marketing initiatives that do NOT include an SEO strategy are incomplete… For this reason, Our SEO Agency offers a full suite of SEO Services. Some of our Full Suite of SEO Services below:

Keyword Research

Our Suite of SEO Services starts with Keyword Research. Keywords are the beginning and first step in an SEO Strategy. Keywords or keyword phrases are what a person types into a search engine to find a product or service.

On page SEO

Determined by Keyword Research, the next step is On-page Optimization or ‘’website optimization”. Green-Medıas will provide on-page recommendations and optimization of elements so that your website reflects how people search. 

Off-page SEO

The determining ranking factor or ”core” of Google’s Algorithm is Off-page SEO. Off-page Optimization determines a website’s Trust & Authority. Trust & Authority is determined by a website’s Backlink & Local Citation profile.

Our belief is that everything begins with an educated strategy!

Digital Media is graced with total scalability with tools like Google Analytics.

In today’s market taking the time to get to know WHO your ideal buyer is and how they work, turns out to be half the battle, then marketing to that Persona is the rest. People these days are looking for a specialized service (an expert). Sometimes looking like an expert in too many places can dilute your chances to persuade your visitors. Does this mean to offer fewer products? No, it means to identify and target the specific needs of your ideal client!

We are focused on a positive ROI, by covering every aspect of your online branding by implementing all Google best practices. Optimize, attract, convert, and analyze these are the fundamentals of any Digital Marketer yet we take things to a whole other level! By understanding what’s right for you. The common mistake made by small businesses today is jumping into a marketing strategy they don’t understand.

This is the reason that we offer a free consultation to assure you understand what needs to be accomplished for optimal results.


SEO, Web Design & Digital Marketing Agency

Our SEO Agentur Germany offers a full suite of SEO Services… Get affordable, strategic, measurable, sustainable and ROI driven Local SEO & Organic SEO results, that fit your budget!

SEO and Web design Agency

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Local SEO is critical for Town, City & Region-specific businesses. A fully optimized Google My Business Profile can put your business in front of prospects looking for your products & services. These prospects are typically bottom of sales funnel and intend to purchase within a few days.

SEO Services

With Google's algorithm having over 200 variables that determine Local and Organic ranking, Our full suite of SEO Services is essential to an effective SEO Strategy. Our suite of services includes; Keyword Research, On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, Content Development and more!

PPC Management

we provide paid search services across a variety of platforms, including Social Media. We offer a full suite of PPC Management Services including AdWords, Display, Remarketing & more. Get measurable and ROI driven results with effective PPC Management from Green Medias.

Conversion rate optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization is the task of guiding site visitors to take a desired action on a website, thereby increasing the percentage of site visitors to customers and improving your return on investment. CRO is often overlooked, yet, it's the defining metric a business owner should focus on.